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Convert from WMA to iTunesLearn about conversion from WMA to iTunes with help of WMA MP3 Changer

Warning: This guide is quite outdated for more recent version please go here

Start WMA MP3 Changer

The first thing to do is to install the latest version of WMA MP3 Changer. Choose installation file for your system and download it. Install it and start.

Adding WMA file for conversion

The next is to add WMA file or several files to the list. You can do it pressing Add file button on toolbar (first button). Also, you can drop these files and drop on the main window.

Select MP3 format and its settings

As far as iTunes supports MP3 format then select it. After it select desired quality from the list of predefined. If it is not enough for you then you can specify custom profile and save it for further usages.

Choose the folder to save converted MP3 file

Initially program saves converted MP3 files to your Music folder. If you want you can change this location. To do it use the combo box at the bottom.

Enable import to iTunes

To enable import to iTunes open Preferences dialog. At the bottom of it you need to enable addition to iTunes. If you want the you may specify the playlist where to add converted file.

Start conversion

Now we are ready to start conversion. To start it press the Start button on toolbar. And wait while they are converting.

Conversion complete

That's it. Everything is ready. Converted file(s) will be imported to iTunes automatically. Start iTunes and import them to your device. Or you may add more WMA files for conversion.